Strategic Planning

  • Institutional strategic plan formulation and implementation planning
  • Portrait of a Graduate development and formation
  • Data audits and needs assessments
  • Data walks and data retreats
  • Grant writing and project management coordination

Keynote Speaking

  • Customized inspirational keynotes and speakers series presentations for educators, teens, young adults and non-profits
  • Specialization in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and inspiring teens and young adults to ‘Find Inspiration and Overcome the Odds’

Professional Development & Training

  • Customized workshops and programming
  • College and career readiness: Guided Pathways Essential Practices
  • EDSolutions Pathways to Prosperity Framework
  • K-16 Partnerships: Effective secondary/ post-secondary partnership best practice
  • Guided pathways program Get Focused...Stay Focused!®  and the Career Choices Series
  • School-wide Response to Intervention, PBIS and Classroom Management
  • Educator and Community Booktalks

Public Relations

  • Parent Engagement strategy and programs
  • Community and executive roundtables
  • Consensus building and meeting facilitation
  • Social media strategy
  • Community, business, and post-secondary partnership formation
  • Workforce development partnership coordination


  • Leadership retreats
  • Educator and leadership coaching
  • Educator recruitment and on-boarding

Get Focused...Stay Focused!® & the Career Choices Series

Proud Professional Development and Strategic Implementation Partner

School Culture

  • School culture and student engagement strategy
  • Student Ambassador program development and implementation
  • Bullying prevention
  • Student Leadership Workshop

EDSolutions Group: Pathways to Prosperity Partnership Framework

Where are you going and how will you get there? We inspire community collaboration and coordinate consortium partnerships between secondary, post-secondary, non-profit, industry associations, and workforce/employer partners. Bridge the gap in your community with our innovative model and partnership development.

Lisa Imel Marshall Plan for Talent

Michigan Pathways to Prosperity Partners

EDSolutions Group is the architect behind this Marshall Plan for Talent Consortium. Inspired to be a consortium partner? Are you a high demand, high wage, high mobility employer? Are you an industry association, non-profit wrap-around service provider, parent organization, post-secondary education provider or other community organization? Contact us to learn how to be involved in our Guided Pathways & Career Navigator focused consortium.

Get Inspired!

Contact us to create customized educational solutions to leverage community and generational change. We work to enhance your institutional metrics, student success outcomes and community relations for a better tomorrow!

Lisa Imel Professional Development

We look forward to creatively supporting you and your stakeholders at the Highest Level