I help educators and administrators ideate, create, and execute programs that support their strategic vision so their students have brighter and happier futures!

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Are you looking for creative solutions to the barriers that prevent your students from getting the education they deserve?

Do you find that when you stop and look around you are the only one doing the heavy lifting (literally doing work that is in someone else's job description) and left without time (or energy) to accomplish your vision?

Are you having difficulty translating your vision into an action plan that you can execute?

Are you looking for programs or curriculum that will empower your students to take control over their own lives and education?

Are you tired of doing the same thing you have always done, just because ‘that’s the way we have always done it’?

Do you believe in a growth mindset and are you ready to do things differently?

I Can Help You!

I’ve developed systems and processes to achieve all of this and more!


School Success Lab©

Create your own School Success Progress Map© through out Signature Professional Development Program for School Leaders |  A proven formula that gets results in the areas that matter most!

Business & Community Engagement

Our Business & Community Engagement solutions bridge the gap in the areas that matter most for sustainable IMPACT.

Professional Development

Transform your school & transform your life through our inspiring & impactful programming!

What People are Saying

Lisa is very professional and a visionary thinker. She has great ideas for integrating technology into the educational experience, but at the same time, she knows that sometimes, other forms of communication are best suited to community building. Positive and upbeat, Lisa looks for solutions that strengthen the educational experience.

Cathy J.

She has a voice that makes you want to listen. Pretty, touching, sensitive, sweet, gentle, caring, miracle 🙂 Very touching, I went through the exact same stuff… It’s good to find someone just like me who has overcome.

Student Workshop Attendee

Lisa Imel is a dedicated and committed educational consultant. She has the innate ability to empower the people that she is working closely with. She is a hardworking leader that is definitely “Big-picture focused” to reach a common goal, and she definitely has passion for helping youth and young adults from various socio-economic backgrounds. Her strategic planning, and robust zeal for every project that she works on, made her a pleasure to work with.

X. Handfield

Hi! I’m Lisa Imel

As a former teacher, principal and licensed superintendent, I know how challenging it can be - with all of the noise, the minutiae and the competing stakeholders - to make your vision a reality. I “get” it. Contact me anytime and together we will MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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